Vision & Mission

To be a world class excellent model in tendering practices.

To assure excellence, equality, transparency and fair competitiveness in Public tenders and purchases.

Partners & Customers: Sustain the principles of integrity, transparency, fair competitiveness and service excellence.
Laws & Policies: Enforce compliance with legal, technical, ethical and professional practices.
Processes & Systems: Improve work processes, procedures and technology applications.
Knowledge & Resources: Ensure optimum utilization of human and financial resources

Integrity & Transparency: Strive to achieve the highest levels of integrity and transparency in our performance and in our relations with our stakeholders.
Trust & Respect: Strive to gain partners and customers' trust and respect through professional commitment in our dealings and decisions.
Equality & Equity: Achieve equal opportunities for customers, and equity in pay and rewards for all in compliance with policy standards.
Quality & Excellence: Work as a team to maximize the quality of performance standards to offer service excellence.
Accountability: Be responsible for our decisions and actions and to embrace our full commitment to teamwork spirit.
Professionalism: Invest in developing and motivating our human resources competence and performance to enhance our professional ability and credibility.
Creativity: Value our human resources as the important source for creativity, performance and strategic success.