Regulatory Framework

Regulatory Framework

The Tender Board is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for the letting or hiring or acquisition or grading of rights for or on behalf of and the disposal of property of the West African Economic Empowerment and Development Agency (WAEEDA).

The Tender Board is a fully independent body, established with a clear agenda to set up a strict regulatory mechanism that would ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all.

The Tender Board consists of 3 divisions:
- Administration
- The Secretariat
- Bids and Awards

West Africa has a free market system and allows any prospective tenderers to participate. Have an open tendering system. Tender documents are available on request by tenderers at the Tender Board Secretariat. Conditions and requirements are stipulated in the documents for participation to be adhered to. preference system is considered and for promoting local companies. Successful tender are notified officially. Contracts / agreements are signed. Payments are done by Bank Transfer before delivery. Timeous delivery and value for money is an important aspect. Fair, firm, reasonable and market related prices get preference.

Tender requirements to be attach to tender documents:
A valid copy of Vendor Registration Certificate. A valid copy of evidence of company registration in home country. Any other relevant document certificate required as per tender document.